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From a humble beginning in 2012, Monika has grown to become a professional name to be reckoned with in the fields of Hair and Makeup.Monika and her team have been servicing hundreds of clients every year from around the globe.

Born in Madurai , Monika credits her upbringing, family support and the diverse cultural background for the Makeup artist she is now. “From the age of 5, I knew I wanted to become the makeup artist in Madurai” she says, “Anyone can add colour to a face but knowing “How to” and “When to” takes a skillful and professional eye” and that still remains very close to our hearts, and have rightfully become our specialty….

Being a skillful, creative and dedicated professional takes a lot of passion and time and that is something I will always share with my students and clients.

The roles of being a Professional Artist, an Entrepreneur, a Trainer and a Customer focused person doesn’t even come close to the biggest responsibility of being a Daughter and Wife. Every day I learn so much from them and that helps me be more and more creative with my art.

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