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Baby shower Makeup for Sowmya

hello my lovelies I’ve been meaning to do this from a long time. Long time ago when I would post a picture of my bride I would take the time to talk about the whole experience of dressing her up for her big day. In the modern times of blogging I’m taking advantage and planning to write something about my special clients. Let’s talk about sowmya not only did I have the pleasure dressing her up for her wedding but the sweet darling booked us for her BABYSHOWER too. we draped a lovely red saree and did her jadaialagaram in doughnut style. For her eyes we went full Matt with a little of copper shimmer with mink lashes. and for her lips we went all neutral. Here are some pictures of her glowing for her BABYSHOWER in Madurai .

Hope you loved her look please share and comment 😍.

#Wedding Bridal Design In Madurai

#Bridal Wedding Design In Madurai

#Rachna'sBeautyStudioMaduraiTamil Nadu

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